Which slot machines are most often played in 2021

During the existence of the modern gambling industry has created a lot of slots. And it is easy to get confused in this variety. So to quickly find something to your liking, you can look at what machines are popular with players around the world in 2021.

New slot machines

To regular gamblers do not get bored playing online slot machines, casinos regularly update the catalog of slot machines. Studios from year to year release all new machines that can boast:

  • improved graphics;
  • More elaborate soundtrack;
  • new stories;
  • Innovative mechanics.

All online casinos are in a hurry to publish new items as soon as possible to attract new players and keep old ones. Therefore, these machines can play all the gamblers, even those who always play on the same platform.

What new slot machines are most often played in 2021?

Slot developers release dozens of new games every year. And some of them turn out to be so interesting that they deserve the attention of almost every gambler. And among the popular projects 2021 can highlight the three most successful.

Troll Haven – slot, which takes the game into a fantasy world. The developers of the machine invite the player to visit the haven of trolls, mythical creatures with huge treasures. But to get part of their wealth, the player will need to complete a quest. This path is not easy, but the reward is worth it.

Riches of Robin is a game for those who read the story of Robin Hood as a child. It’s about an unusual robber who robbed the rich and gave the loot to the poor. But probably not all of it went to charity, and Robin managed to save a lot of money.

Pirates Smuggles Paradise is a slot machine for those who want to go on a big voyage, meet the dangers and find untold treasures. The game gambler online casino minimum deposit expect atypical game mechanics, great graphics and deep music.

The classics are still popular

There is probably not a single online casino that does not offer classic slots. Many of these legendary machines served as prototypes for modern games. They laid the features of the mechanics, bonus levels, design and other things.

Moreover, almost every newcomer to gambling, playing with colorful new products, sooner or later decides to try the legendary slots. And many of these players are stuck in the classics for weeks.

Most of all, in the classic machines gamblers attracted to the simplicity of gameplay and worked out to the smallest detail style. As well as bonus rounds that can tell a fascinating story and give great winnings.

Which classic slot games are most often played in 2021?

The set of popular classic games almost never changes from year to year. Also, as in 2021, the most popular three slot machines remain.

Monkeys (Crazy Monkey). This slot takes the player into the impenetrable jungle, where lives a crazy, but damn lucky monkey. She is constantly looking for something to eat and how to have fun. And when she finds something she wants, the player gets a solid win.

Book of Ra – this machine for many years remains in second place in the ranking of the popularity of game slots. Gamblers like it for the simplicity of gameplay and unique atmosphere. This machine takes the player into the desert of the ancient Egyptian kingdom. In the depths of the pyramids gambler needs to try to find treasures. On the way he meets a lot of traps. But the reward is so great that it encourages each time to transcend fear and take another step to meet the wealth.

Resident – the most popular classic slot machine among residents. This is understandable. After all, it tells the story of a scout who gets into the headquarters of the enemy. Moreover: the reward for a successful operation – not only the stars on his shoulder straps, but also money, and most importantly – the society of a beautiful girl.

In 2021, and beginners and experienced gamblers will find something to play. New slots will drag on for hundreds of hours, and the classics will plunge headlong into nostalgia.