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Please note that this list is complete as of Friday 13 November at 5.00pm.

If your name is listed multiple times, please contact our office. We must have the name and details of all participants (including infants and children) for our COVID-safe Event Plan.

Please check to confirm you are in the correct category. Please send all changes and queries via email to as soon as possible. 



Saturday 14 November

Important – if you are unwell, do not attend

Pack pick up is available on  Saturday 14 November  from 10.00am – 4.00pm at 3 River Terrace, Kangaroo Point.

TIP: Picking your pack up on Saturday will ensure a quick and smooth morning on Sunday.

TIP: You are allowed to pick up packs for friends on Saturday, as long as you have a copy of their entry confirmation message.

Sunday 15 November

Important – if you are unwell, do not attend

Sunday morning pack pick up will be via your entry gate (see marshaling details below). It is important you go to the correct gate to pick up your pack.

*DUATHLON*  Sunday morning registration will be in the Botanic Gardens on the corner of Edward and Alice Street in the transition area. All duathletes must report to transition prior to race start to drop off your gear and get your helmet and bike checked by officials.

Screening and Marshaling

Entry Times

Sprint Duathlon – 5.30am via Paton Street

Enticer Duathlon – 5.50am via Paton Street

Cycle Sprint – 6.30am via Paton Street

Free Community Ride – 7.15am via Paton Street

Free Fun Run – 7.45am via Bell Street

Free Bridge Walk – 8.00am via Llewellyn Street

It is important to arrive at your time – if you arrive too early, you will not be processed until your allocated time. You will find the marshalling map including all gates on Page 15 of the Event Guide.

When you arrive at the event, you must show your confirmation SMS or confirmation email to show proof of registration and to ensure we have your contact information as per the COVID-safe requirements.

After arrival at the correct gate, you’ll make your way to the COVID screening point. You will be asked the following questions:

  • In the last 14 days have you travelled from overseas or a COVID-19 Hotspot?
  • Have you been in close contact with a person who is positive with COVID-19?
  • Are you an active COVID-19 case?
  • Are you currently, or have you recently experienced cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue or shortness of breath?

Important – if you are unwell, do not attend. We maintain the right of refusal to the event for any person suspected of being a COVID-19 case. 

After passing through the screening point, you will get your bib and enter the marshaling area.

COVID-safe Processes

All attendees are reminded to follow good hygiene and follow physical distancing – there will be red signs throughout the area.  If a marshal advises you to keep your distance from fellow participants or in a queue, follow their instructions please.

We also would like to remind all participants to avoid physical contact with others – please do not hug, high five, etc.

Start Times

Event Bib


The timing chip is built into your event bib for the Free Walk, Run and Ride as well as the Duathlon. The timing chip for the Cycle Sprint will be built into the Seatpost Sticker.

  • You must wear your event bib at the front at all times during the event.
  • You must cross the mats at all timing locations to receive an official time.

Do not walk over timing mats prior to your race, as this will set off your time.


Your bib not only provides you with timing, but also includes a digital barcode that can be  used  to access  your personal  photos from the day for free. A photography link will be available on our website on event day for you to explore your happy snaps.

All photos and results will be searchable via your bib number – so make sure not to lose your bib! 

How to Wear Your Bib

It’s important to wear your bib correctly on your chest to receive a result and so the barcode can be read by the photographers.

Other Important Info

Water Bottle

As a COVID-safe event, we recommend that you bring your own water bottle.  There are public water fountains located at the start and finish.

Finish Line

There will be marshals after the finish line guiding you to the exit.  The finish line flows in one direction only towards the exit and there will be no re-entry.  Please no loitering.

We encourage everyone to create a meeting point with friends and family after the event at one of the many cafe’s or restaurants in the CBD.


Start Line: Permanent toilets are based next to Joeys Restaurant on River Terrace. There will also be toilets next to the gazebo halfway along River Terrace.

Finish Line: Permanent toilets will be available within the City Botanic Gardens.

Transition: There will be four toilets adjacent to transition.

Parking and Drop Off Zones

Donate to The Common Good

During the Blast, look out for roving volunteers from The Common Good wearing special T-Shirts with a unique QR code on the back.

You scan the code to make a donation in support of heart and lung transplant research. It’s simple – when you spot a volunteer, get your phone out and scan the QR code to donate! Together, we can make a difference for The Common Good. Just $44 pays for one hour of research.